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In our school, terrestrial animal experiment administered on the 3rd floor of the Food Engineering Building before 1994. Because the animal experimental space was insufficient, the school provided the space nearby the old post office for research needs engaged in the animal experimentation. The animal room – the predecessor of the experimental animal center - established and managed by College of Life Sciences.

In 2004, for coordinate College of Life Sciences Building new construction, the school supported to build “The Diversity Species Laboratory. In 2005 held first construction committee of the Diversity Species Laboratory, The new building was begun in 2005 and finished in 2006. In 2007, the Experimental Animal Center was set up in this new building. In 2010, the Center was rename the Terrestrial Animal Experimental Center.

There are many experimental equipments and entrance guard supervisory system, provide fine terrestrial animal experiment and the equipment for this school teachers, promote the teaching and research quality.

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