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To promote and popularize the food industry research and effect, to advance our department be cooperate and the development with industrial field. Our 24 faculty members have many research and development experience and specialty; divide into food chemistry, food processing, food nutrition, food engineering, and food microbiology. The research topics include: food processing, food engineering, food analysis, food packaging, food nutrition, frozen foods technology and machine, food flavor and utilization, food toxicology, food biotechnology, utilization of underutilized food, functional products, health foods development and so on.


  1. Provides of technical service for the food industry entrepreneur: (1) To Lecture, train and study of the HACCP; (2) To promote Mechanical efficiency and transfer the key technology; (3) To counsel the factory and requested to exam.
  2. To promote teachers and students of our department be cooperate with the domestic and foreign food industry and research facility
  3. To arrange the student to practice, recommend the short-term cooperated teacher and the talented persons, and the industrial specialist training.
  4. Requested by the government, the juridical association, the entrepreneur and the related institution to conduct the food industry technical reform and to promote the new product technology.

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