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The Inspection Center of Department of Aquaculture was established in 2006, and was renamed as The Traceability Certification and Inspection Center in 2007. It was the first fishery product traceability certification organization adopted by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996 Certification.


The quality and hygiene of aquaculture products were paid attention by consumers day by day. Therefore, the residues of antibiotics should be examined in near future. We set up the inspection center and established the methods for assaying veterinary antibiotics residues, pesticide residues, heavy metal residues and environmental bacteria in seafood and established the certification organization of traceability system and hygienic management mechanism in seafood product. We have helped Taiwan aquaculture product to establish the traceability system model. The Traceability Certification and Inspection Center not only inspects aquaculture product but also supports the instrument for academic research and offers consultation with any kinds of examination techniques.


  1. Traceability certification of fishery products: Aquaculture products and fishery process products.
  2. Heavy Metal Items: Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As).
  3. Environmental Bacteria Items: Escherichia coli, Coliform group, Vibrio cholera.
  4. Veterinary Drugs Items: Chloramphenicol (CAP), Semicarbazide (SEM), 3-amino-2-oxazolidinone (AOZ), 1- Aminohydantoin (AH), 3-amino-5-morpholinomet (AMOZ), Malachite green (MG), Leuco-Malachite green(LMG), Oxytetracycline (OTC), Tetracycline (TC), Chlortetracycline, (CTC), Sulfamonomethoxine (SMM), Sulfadimethoxine (SDM), Sulfamethazine (SMT), Oxolinic acid (OXA), Sulfadiazine (SDZ), Enrofloxacin (EFA), Sulfamerazine (SMR), Sulfaquinoxaline (SQX), Amoxicillin, Ergthromycin.
  5. Nucleic acid sequence analysis.

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